Your New Home, Built Your Way

Plan your new home construction project in Shrewsbury or Northborough, MA

Shopping through the housing market can be frustrating. You may like one room in a home, but hate the rest. Maybe you want to prioritize location but don't see a home that fits your family's needs. New home construction takes the guessing game out of home buying.

Mills Construction Corporation, Inc can build your custom home in Shrewsbury, Northborough, MA or elsewhere in New England. We'll handle everything, from laying the foundation to adding the roof. Anything we can't do, we'll subcontract out to one of our trusted connections. Learn more about the building construction process now by calling 508-735-8140.

Trust us to get the details right

Before we begin your building construction, you'll get a detailed consultation. We'll ask about your specific needs and desires, then provide a free estimate. Once your plans are solidified, we'll work with an architect to make sure the design is perfect.

You can live in a home that's made just for you - and love every second of your time there. Consult our team on new home construction in Shrewsbury, Northborough, MA or anywhere in New England today.